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Need a car on your next trip?

Renting a car can give you freedom and flexibility when you're traveling, and in some parts of the country it's the only feasible way to get around.

Choosing a Vehicle

Think carefully about what kind of vehicle you'll need. If you're traveling with children or with a lot of gear, you may want a large sedan or SUV. If you're simply looking to save money on rental rates and gas, you'll want to reserve the smallest available model.

Booking Your Car

How long will you be renting? If it's for less than a week, you'll do best with our normal rental rates. For rentals of a week or longer, you may get better rates from us, so plan ahead! Don't forget to contact us first to get the most updated rates from us directly.

At Pickup Time

Before you drive away from the pickup station, inspect the car carefully for body damage. Be sure the lights and turn signals are working properly, and check the mileage odometer. Report any defects at once.

Familiarize yourself with the workings of the car before you leave. Check which side your gas tank is on, and learn how to use the headlights, windshield wipers and turn signal. It may seem obvious, but you'll also want to memorize the make, model and color of your car, and finally the license plate number -- that way you won't lose it the first time you park in a busy lot!

Returning Your Car

Always fill the tank yourself before returning the vehicle so that you're only paying for the amount of gas you actually used. Request information about the fuel type used for your car.

Before leaving the vehicle

Check to be sure you haven't left any personal belongings. Don't forget to check the trunk! The most common lost articles include cell phones, sunglasses and umbrellas.

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